United States | 2019 | cor | 13 min

In this horror-fantasy fairy tale, an orphanage spirals into mayhem when a boy discovers a shadowy creature who comes to collect more than just the children's teeth…

Director: Felipe Vargas

Screenplay: Nick Lopez

Producer: Brendan Bennett, Jamie McNeill

Cinematographer: Elias Ginsberg

Art Director: TJ Ryan, Ursula Bowling

Soundtrack: Sterling Maffe

Sound Designer: Lucas Bohlinger, Vern Hass

Special Effects: Meredith "Kat" Wells

Editor: Rafael Souza

Sound Editor: Lucas Bohlinger, Vern Hass

Cast: Aaron Bradshaw, Tyler Sanders, Griffin Chodler, Casey Grimm, Lisa Dobbyn, Teagan Wells, Janne Peters

Sales Agent: Felipe Vargas

Contact: Felipe Vargas -


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