Collaborate with Kinoforum

Associação Cultural Kinoforum is the first audiovisual institution to be authorized for receiving donations from Sao Paulo state system of sales tax restitution. If you are a consumer in Sao Paulo state, you can direct your donations to us.  



• Access the Nota Fiscal Paulista website at NFP.FAZENDA.SP.GOV.BR 

• In the Consumidor tab click on “Acesse o sistema” and login



• In the "Entidades" tab, click "Doação de cupons com CPF (Automática)". 



• In the Dados area, click the search button. 

• In Procure a Entidadeselecttheoption“Por Município/Razão Social/Área de Atuação”. 

• In the field “Razão Social” type: “Kinoforum” and press “Busca”. 



• Select the name of the Associação Cultural Kinoforum and click "voltar". 

• The institution's data will be filled in on the screen. 

• Click on “ConfirmarDoaçãoAutomática” to finish the process. 


If you want to donate by yourself to help us keep our projects working, please get in touch by the e-mail doacao@kinoforum.orgor by the cell phone +55 11 97474 6904. 

We thank you for your contribution!