Founded and directed by Zita Carvalhosa, the Festival is organized by Associação Cultural Kinoforum.

Festival Dates

The 31st Sao Paulo International Short Film Festival will take place in the city of São Paulo, from August 20th to 30th, 2020


The Sao Paulo International Short Film Festival aims to promote a greater exchange between Latin American and International production. Being cultural in nature, the Festival intends to present films that may contribute to the development of the short film concerning its aesthetics, specific format and way of production.

Brazilian Programs

Films enrolled in the Brazilian Programs may participate in national showcases, in addition to Kid and Teen Showcase and Special Programs. Taken into consideration the particularities of each film, a same short can be a part of more than one Festival’s sections. It’s the Festival organization's prerogative to program a selected short in one or more of its programs.

International and Latin American Programs

Films submitted to the International and Latin-American Programs and the Parallel Section can take part on the following sections: International Showcase, Latin-American Showcase, Kid and Teen Showcase and Special Programs. Taken into consideration the particularities of each film, a same short can be a part of more than one Festival’s sections. It’s the Festival organization's prerogative to program a selected short in one or more of its programs.

Immersive Films

Films with immersive features can be submitted in any section of the Festival that corresponds to its country of production. Taken into consideration the particularities of each film, a same short can be a part of more than one section. It’s the Festival organization’s prerogative to program a selected short in one or more of its programs. When submitting, you must inform whether the short film has an immersive version, and if so, the available format(s) (3D, VR, 360, etc).


1. Films of all genres completed after January 1st 2019, never before submitted to the Festival, with a maximum running time of 25 minutes (credits included).

2. Unconcluded films will be accepted under the conditions below:

    The videos submitted for selection must be, necessarily, in its final cut. The only differences accepted between the evaluation file and the exhibition print are sound mixing, color grading and mastering. 

    The submitter should inform that the film is not in its final version by filling in the designated space in the submission form. 

    The film’s conclusion must be informed until June, 22nd, 2020 for the film still be considered in the selection process. A new video file may be sent to replace the original one.


3. If the dialogue language is not Portuguese, English or Spanish the film must have hardcoded subtitle in one of these languages for submission and exhibition. 

4. Advertising and / or institutional videos will not be accepted.

Double deadline

March 31th, 2020 for films completed in 2019

April 30th, 2020 for films completed in 2020

Entry procedures

1. Entries are available at Short Film Depot ( After registering your film on the platform, submit it to the 31th Sao Paulo International Short Film Festival. 

2. At the registration stage, a screener of the film can be uploaded according to the platform instructions and specifications.

3. For the selection process, the Festival will accept the following as submission copies:

    Uploaded file from Short Film Depot. With this option, it is not necessary to send any further material to the Festival office. 

    The DVD option is restricted to the Parallel Sections and only if duly and previously authorized by the Festival's direction. In this case, the signed entry form must be sent along with the DVD to the same shipping address that will receive materials of the selected films.

4. Aside from the regular selection process, the Festival may invite films to be presented. 

The Festival will not cover shipping costs or taxes regarding submission material. All expenses related to dispatch of submission materials are in charge of the person who submits the film.

Disclosure of selected

The list of selected works will be announced until July 15, 2020 at

Partner companies and awards

The audience of the Festival is asked to vote and a list of the 10 (ten) audience favorites will be announced during the closing ceremony. The event is also open to partnerships with different short film promoters and companies, which may result in other awards to be announced during the closing ceremony. 

The short films produced in audiovisual courses are eligible for the Breakthrough Award, which consist of services and equipment for the production of a new work of up to 15 minutes long. The condition for the film to be eligible for this award is the express indication, at the time of registration, of the educational institution to which the short is bound and that this is also credited in the film.

More information about the partnerships and prizes will be available at

Brazilian Product Certificate (CPB)

Only Brazilian films with a Brazilian Product Certificate (CPB) issued by the National Film Agency (Ancine) will be eligible for prizes promoted by the Festival and its partners. The issue of the CPB is free and may be requested by an individual or legal entity registered with Ancine. More information on the website:

The festival will accept the registration of works that do not yet have the CPB; however, only those works that prove the registration by August 2, 2020 can compete for the prizes and highlights.

Shipping instructions for selected films and its promotional materials

Due to the international character of the Festival and consequently to the presence of foreign guests, it is necessary that at least one of the exhibition copies sent to the Festival has English subtitles burned to the image.

a) Digital exhibition copies

Digital screening copies shall be provided to the Festival organizers in DCP (Digital Cinema Package) as the norms available at, and/or Quicktime (.mov) H.264 files for mono videos. Stereo videos shall be sent as mp4s encoded with h264 and 1:1 aspect ratio. The specific files shall be sent until July 24th, 2020. The delivery address is below. 

b) Promotional material

The Festival may use promotional material from the selected films strictly for the purpose of promoting the event and its programs in any means of communication. These materials include: 3 Still images (1 vertical), poster (.jpg, 300 dpi), trailer, teaser or an excerpt of no more than 3 minutes from the selected films. 

c) Screening fee

The Festival does not pay screening fees for submitted films. 

E-mail for sending digital copies

Shipping address

Associação Cultural Kinoforum

30th São Paulo International Short Film Festival

Av. Dr. Vieira de Carvalho, 192 - ap. 101

São Paulo – SP - 01210-010 - Brazil 

Phone: +55 (11) 3031-5522

Participation of the filmmakers

Accommodation and transportation are offered to the filmmakers of selected films coming from cities outside of São Paulo in a democratic way and within the budgetary limits of the event, guaranteeing equal parameters for the representatives of each section. These representatives must be the director or the producer of the film, so the other cases will be subject to prior evaluation by the Festival.

Insurance and return of screening copies

The insurance of the film print/DCP comes into effect at the moment the film arrives at the Festival office, and remains effective until the film is reshipped. Any damage to the film copy must be formally reported to the insurance company hired by the Festival organization before September 25th, 2020. 

The costs of returning the films and videos screened during the event will be on the Festival´s organization responsibility. The films will be returned within two weeks after the Festival, to the address expressly informed in the entry form unless other agreement has been formally made before the beginning of the Festival (August 20th, 2020).

Festival collection

All the material sent for selection will become part of the Festival collection, and can be used by the event strictly for cultural purposes with no commercial intent. 

Festival tour

A Festival Tour may be organized in the month following the Festival and only formally pre-authorized films, by the director or the producer, will be screened in this program. 

Final considerations

We remind you that by submitting your short film you take on the legal responsibility for the information provided, as well as images, the soundtrack or any other content in this work and, also, automatically declare to authorize its presentation in our Festival. In addition, the copyright holder agrees that the selected films have its screening in the Festival Program, and that any waiver must be formally communicated until July 10th, 2020

Participation in the Festival implies recognition without reservation of these regulations and entry form.

In case of any doubts, please contact the Festival by sending an e-mail to