Latin American Showcase

In a selection process steeped in the experience of the pandemic and confinement, seeing Latin America through the short stories told by the continent's filmmakers was a unique and very special process. The result leaves a set of fertile and attentive looks at the world around it in the panorama of the Latin American Showcase.

Films that contrast the past and the present echo very strongly in this moment of reflection and recoll, in which the future looks more fluid than ever. At the same time, violence and brutality, a constant discomfort in our cinematography, emerge as absence: ghosts far from the eyes – but perceived in intuition – lead the viewer through suspense narratives, a quasi-terror of reality.

As we immerse ourselves in these films, in these small worlds, we also find great geographies of emotions: families, communities, their bodies and spaces; the ironies of conviviality, the longings rescued, the nostalgia for what has not been lived, the longing for what can no longer be.

Whether in concrete spaces, like Montevideo, Santiago, Juliaca or San Cayetano, or in imaginary places, like a sheet of paper or a limbo between life and death, these small worlds offer us immersive and enchanting journeys that only short- footage can provide.