Every year, the audience of the São Paulo International Short Film Festival chooses their favorite films. This year was no different: the exhibition platform allowed the online audience to vote and choose their ten favorite films from those shown on the main Brazilian and foreign programs. See the films below, in alphabetical order, and watch our sessions by clicking here. 


10 + Foreign films  

* “Da Yie” (Belgium) - Anthony Nti 

* “He can't live without cosmos” (Russia) - Konstantin Bronzit 

* “Concrete forms of resistance” (UK) - Nick Jordan 

* "Kini" (Uruguay) - Hernán Olivera 

* “Mamapara (Madre Lluvia)” (Peru/Bolivia/Argentina) – Alberto Flores Vilca 

* “Mother’s” (Belgium) – Hippolyte Leibovici  

* “Bab Sebta” (France/Morocco) - Randa Maroufi 

* “Los Anillos de La Serpiente” (Chile) - Edison Cájas 

* “Ahtapot” (Turkey) - Engin Erden 

* “W” (Greece) - Stelios Koupetoris 


10+ Brazilian Films 

* “Carne” (Brazil-SP) - Camila Kater 

* “Construção” (Brazil-RS) - Leonardo Santos Rosa 

* “Egum” (Brazil-RJ) - yuri costa 

* “Entre Nós e o Mundo” (Brazil-SP) - Fábio Rodrigo 

* “Inabitável” (Brazil-PE) - Matheus Farias e Enock Carvalho 

* “Lora” (Brazil-SP/Portugal) - Mari Moraga  

* “O Que Pode um Corpo?” (Brazil-RS) - Victor Di Marco e Márcio Picoli  

* “TuãIngugu [Olhos d’Água]” (Brazil-RJ/Italy/Switzerland) - Daniela Thomas  

* “Perifericu” (Brazil-SP) - NayMendl, Vita Pereira, Rosa Caldeira e Stheffany Fernanda 

* “Vai Melhorar” (Brazil-RN) - Pedro Fiuza 


The Breakthrough Award aims to encourage Brazilian young talent in the audiovisual field in its next production, from the recording to the post-production of a short film up to 15 minutes. On that sense, the Festival stablishes partnerships with audiovisual companies, which appoints a jury composed of journalists and film critics and offer resources for this new challenge.

The films selected in 2020 was “A Morte Branca do Feiticeiro Negro” (SC), by Rodrigo Ribeiro.

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The best film in the Brazilian Competitive Exhibitionis isPerifericu (SP), by Nay Mendl, Vita Pereira, Rosa Caldeira and Stheffany Fernanda. 

The São Paulo International Short Film Festival offers an award for the best Brazilian short film. The competing films are part of the Competitive Exhibition programs. The selection is made by the official jury of the Mostra and the winner receives the Kinoforum trophy and a cash prize of R$ 10,000.

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Know the winners of 2020 Acquisition Awards and click here to watch the films:


Canal Brasil Award

* “Carne” (Brazil-SP) - Camila Kater


TV Cultura Award 

* “Lora” (Brazil-SP) - Mari Moraga


Sesc TV Award

For Brazilian Showcase

* "Veronica” (SP) - Talita Caselato

For International or Latin American Showcase 

* "Pushkin's Pants” (Israel) - Lev Brodinsky


For Brazilian Showcase 

* “Difícil é Não Brincar” (Brazil-MG) - Papoula Bicalho  


Playkids Award 

* “Cobertor” (Rússia) - Marina Moshkova

Honorable Mention 

* “Trincheira” (Brasil-AL) - Paulo Silver


Curta! / Porta Curtas Award

* “Estamos Todos na Sarjeta, Mas Alguns de Nós Olham as Estrelas” (Brazil-SP) - Sergio Silva and João Marcos de Almeida 


* “Vai Melhorar” (Brazil-RN) - Pedro Fiuza


See below the selected films and watch the session here with all of them.


TV Cultura Award 

Honorable mention for short film work done in audiovisual production workshops 

* Nuance” (Brasil-SP) - Flávia Duarte

LGBTHighlight - “Borboleta de Ouro”Trophy 

Honorable mention 

* “Perifericu” (Brasil-SP) - NayMendl, Vita Pereira, Rosa Caldeira e Stheffany Fernanda

Special Prize 

* “O Que Pode Um Corpo?” (Brasil-RS) - Victor Di Marco e Márcio Picoli 

International Prize 

* “Mother’s” (Bélgica) – HippolyteLeibovici 

Brazilian Prize 

* “Inabitável” (Brasil-PE) - Matheus Farias e Enock Carvalho 


ABCA – Brazilian Association of Animation Cinema to Best Animation Filmmaker Kaiser Trophy 

* “Carne” (Brasil-SP) - Camila Kater

Honorable mention 

* “Mãtãnãg, aEncantada” (Brasil-MG) - ShawaraMaxakali e Charles Bicalho 


ABD-SP Brazilian Association of Documentary and Short Films  

Honorable mention 

* “Mon corps livre pour vous” (France) - Anna-ClariaOstasenkoBogdanoff

ABD-SP Prize for Limit Showcase 

* "MenschMachine or Putting Parts Together" (Austria) - AdinaCamhy

ABD-SP Prize for Latin American Showcase 

* Las Fauces (Colômbia) - Mauricio Maldonado


“Dádiva” (Brasil-SP), by Evelyn Santos, is the winner of Shorts at Home Award, offered by Paradiso Project, that gave a prize of R$ 10,000 to be used in professional training and development for the author of the short films. The film was chosen by a committee composed of filmmakers and members of the Paradiso Talent Network Carolina Markowicz (SP), Higor Gomes (MG) and Ulisses Arthur (AL).